Monday, May 4, 2009

Crazy Day!

Today is one of the craziest days this spring, and it is scheduled almost down to the minute! I feel like my feet hit the floor on Thursday, and I haven't stopped running since.

So why do I pick this day to start blogging again? Guess I am feeling the energy!

This afternoon is like a finely tuned machine - work for 2 hours, pick up daughter #1 from school, go to the orthodontist, drop daughter #1 and son #4 at T-ball game, work for 1 hour, feed son #2 and son #3, pick up daughter and son from T-ball, drop off sons #2 and #3 to their Little League game (thank the Lord they are on the same team), feed daughter #1 and son #4, work 5 more hours and hope the man picks up sons #2 and #3. I have racked my brains thinking of something that is quick and easy, can be modified for the budding vegetarian son #3, and can be reheated and still be yummy, thus serving dinner in at least 3 shifts. Oh, and of course, something that everyone likes, which is a tough job lately.

So, today I am throwing together No-brainer Twice Baked potatoes with bacon (or without!). Yeah, it's not exactly Nutrition Police-approved, but today, I don't care. Maybe daughter #1 can whip up a fresh green salad to go with.

I just now threw in some bacon onto a sheet pan and into the oven for those that still eat meat (most of us) and maybe even all of us once I torture him with the smell of bacon.

I then washed 12 small potatoes (some red and some small bakers) and put those on a cookie sheet after stabbing them with a fork (get some aggression out) and put those on the second rack.

After I take them out in about 40 minutes, I will let the potatoes cool. On a quick break from work, I will halve them and use a little scooper to hollow out the insides (5 minutes) then mash the potato guts with some cheddar, sour cream, a little butter and some bacon (first scooping some on the side for vegetarian boy). I will broil them off as needed this evening.

Oops - that bacon is smelling more than ready - be right back!

Anyway, here's the basic recipe idea, adapted for our family: - No photos yet, but I will try to take some later and share with you.

Bye - gotta work (I love my job, working from home!)

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