Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Our Christmas

Usually in this house, some of our decorations come out at the beginning of Advent, including our nativity scene and the Advent wreath. Then we go find a tree; we have chopped ours down on a tree farm a few times, but not recently. After we decorate the tree, we put up the five stockings for the children.

Usually a windstorm obliges us with enough green boughs to fill the mantle, and this year we had a windstorm that not only produced enough evergreen limbs for the entire country, but knocked out power to hundreds of thousands in our area, some more than a week!
Between the power outage, our furnace giving out, our living room renovation attempts, and a family illness, we managed to keep to tradition for the most part; we put up a tree, we hung the stockings, and put out our daughter's angel collection and our boys' Nutcracker collection, which, with all 4 boys collecting, has now exploded. We even did a little cookie baking.

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