Thursday, March 8, 2007


Why do I always make the same mistakes over and over again? In coming up with items for an auction, I committed about a dozen items. I do not actually have these things. I intend to make them, though. Isn't intention 9/10 of the law, or something like that?

Anyway, it came to my attention that the auction was fast approaching, and NOTHING WAS MADE! Where does the time go?
So, my action plan was quickly drafted according to which would take the longest to the least amount of time. From curing (soap), to drying (mosaic grout), to merely bottling and arranging in a basket (bath salts), or tying together (no-sew polar fleece lap blanket). I could do nothing else, not even buy paint samples, until this was all done!

The soap is now essentially done, so onto to the mosaic. I whipped up this plan in about 10 minutes late last night. This was my "rough draft" just laid out to make sure I had enough tiles for my plan. I used one of those Ikea mirrors.

And below is the committed final version. Because those tiles and that glue ain't goin' nowhere. This went so much more quickly than I thought it would - I was done in less than an hour. I even had help from a few of my resident artist children. My in-house consultant, Maria, was called from her Algebra several times regarding which type of tiles to use where, and Sam chose the beach glass pieces to fit into the tight spots - I guess we would categorize this particular homeschool moment as "Exercises in Spatial Awareness." The photo really does not do these tiles justice. They are so beautful; the color variations and the way they reflect light.

Now all I have to do is grout. Tonight. So it will dry before Saturday. Which color for grouting? I am thinking maybe blue.
Next stop - bath salts and bath fizzies! After I go for an energizing walk in this rain.

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