Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Gardening Galore!

Whew! We did so much gardening on Sunday and Monday! I had to wait until my Sweet One could help me take up some grass before I could plant the vegies because my back is rather quirky, and I didn't want it going out on me again, so - I had to wait. And the patiences paid off. I had some sodless soil, and after loosening it up and adding lots of rich compost, I filled it up quick!

I put in 8 tomato plants (I want more but don't have the room right now), 7 corn stalks (for fun for the kids), lemon balm, golden oregano, 34 basil plants (hey - I like pesto!) pumpkins, squash, and green beans. Right now they are all tiny, but I am hoping they take off fast!

I also have a little patch of garden where I have spread cosmos and calendula seeds, and something is sprouting, but I am not sure if they are the flowers or weeds; we shall see soon.

I think I have a handle on the black spot that was threatening to devour my climbing roses. It might be because I have been spraying them with non-fat milk (a home-made remedy I recently heard about and had to try - yes, really!) or it might be because I have removed every leaf that had some on, which felt like half the leaves on my 4 poor climbing roses. But they look a lot healthier now just after a week or so of this treatment, and I am about to be the proud momma to 60+ blooms.

I also have over 30 oriental poppies growing, 20 hollyhocks, gerbera daisies, salvia, rosemary, lavender, wallflower, begonias, dahlias, and a few annuals that I could not resist. I had promised myself I would not buy anything other than perrenials this year, and would try to grow as much from seed as possible. But walking through a nursery makes you kinda forget that annuals are NOT on the list! But I only spent $6 on annuals. Really. Don't you believe me?

Anyway, the weather is finally heating up around here! Yesterday was georgous and the rest of the week is supposed to be nothing but sun and mid 70s and that is saying something! I am going to be out in the garden all week weeding and pruning and watering, and I am happy.


Janelle said...

Thanks for the black spot remedy tip--I have a hybrid tea and a climbing rose that are both showing some signs of black spot and need a little TLC. Did you just spritz the milk on, or pour it around the roots?

Denise said...


I was told to mix 1/2 nonfat milk, half water, and spray the leaves. And remove all the leaves that have blackspot, and clean up really well on the ground, leaving no leaves there; they carry the fungus and will continue to spread it. I think the theoy is that the spoiling of the milk changes the pH of the fungus, which kills it.

There was also a baking soda solution cure and a cornmeal cure (I am sure you can google them). As the dry weather appears to have arrived in our area FINALLY, and that should take care of it anyway. Good luck with your roses!

Mrs. G said...

I can't wait to see a photo of when everything gets up & growing :)

Denise said...

Thanks, Mrs. G - me, too! Whenever I go out to water the seedlings, I have neighbor children flocking to me, asking if they "can take a turn" watering. It is getting so I want to go out at 5 am just to be alone with my plants for a minute (okay, not really). But I am glad they all share my excitement about growing things!

Jen @ The Cottage Nest said...

Seeds? That's admirable. You must be a patient woman! I try to only buy perennials too but it sure adds up fast.

Alice Gunther said...

These photos are beautiful!!! Thank you for the inspiration!

Mom2fur said...

I love the way your garden borders a white picket fence. And gerbera daisies are one of my favorite flowers! My daughter, who is a florist, calls them "Happy Flowers"!