Friday, February 23, 2007

Cub Scout Blue and Gold dinner

The boys in Pack 60 have their annual Blue and Gold dinner, and have a Dad & Son cake baking contest. Every year, there is a theme, and this year it was Hawaii, or Aloha, or some such thing. Anyway, it is really fun to see the boys working in the kitchen, and all the planning that goes into this in advance.

Above is Antonio's cake, which obviously is a beach scene, with sharks just offshore. What the photo does not show are the plastic palm trees and candy bananas on the sand, which were added, OF COURSE!, after this shot was taken.

Here is, obviously, a Hawaiian volcano spewing licorice, uh, I mean lava. There are lava rocks which have been thrown down to around the base of the volcano which are actually chocolate. And there were several arguments about whether or not dinosaurs should belong climbing up the volcano, but since we have no proof that there was a T. Rex on Oahu, we convinced Sam to play it safe with just a little turtle and another palm tree - again, not pictured.

This is truly fun. Seeing all the other boys' cakes at the dinner was really enjoyable. There must have been 5 different volcanoes and several beach scenes, including Ken (you know, Barbie's dude) and GI Joe both riding surfboards on 2 different cakes.

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