Friday, March 2, 2007

It's not easy choosing green . . .

We are going to use American Traditions blanched thyme for two of the living room walls. I think. When I had my furniture out, it was the perfect choice, and believe me, we had about 30 samples up on the wall.

But now it looks too blue. I thought there was more yellow in it. I am second-guessing myself, and that is not good. But it is only paint, right? We can paint again if it is not the right color, right?

Hmm. I would just like to finish this room and be done with it. Our official family sports season is arriving fast and furious - volleyball for my daughter, baseball for 2 sons, high school soccer for another son. I remember this - this is why my garden always looks the way it does. It is coming back to me. NOTHING gets done when spring sports starts. So I have to do this NOW.

So the decision is weighing heavily. I am not going to wait until the ceiling is done. I am going to actually put some on the wall today, and share how it looks - please tell me what you think!

As I said, it looked good with our sofa. We will see how it looks on the walls. The east wall has the fireplace on it, and we are going to build flanking bookshelves and a mantle all the way across that wall; they will be white. The west wall with have the piano and more of the Blanched Thyme. In theory. The south wall runs into the hallway, and I do not want to take that color all the way down the hall (too dark), so we will wait until the first two walls are done to see what to do next. The north wall is all windows and a door, which we will clean up and repaint white along with the trim. The door I have not decided to paint yet; I am toying with the idea of white. It is in it's natural wood state on the inside, and it is red on the outside, which I painted last summer.

I am searching for a lighter green for the hall and to segue into the kitchen. As you should know by now, the kitchen cabinets will be red, with a light countertop. Right now (and you are beginning to realize how indecisive I am) I am considering Sherwin Williams Garden Sage for the kitchen walls and the hallway.

But now, I must get to work!

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Mary said...

Hi Denise - great to read you have British roots thanks to your Mum. You'll have to send her back on the Queen Mary 2 so she can see Manchester again! Love your Casa Amada - what a welcoming door. Good luck with the paint choices - one can always paint over if not happy, I do it all the time!!