Wednesday, March 7, 2007

This Green is OUT!

Well, put it up on the wall and that confirmed my suspicions. No way. Too dark. Too blue. And we have 2 cans sitting here. Never again will I buy paint without getting a sample first. I was SO worried that my husband would come home and say "looks great!" I did not say anything when he came in the door, and neither did he. Over the next few hours, in my head I was scheming for ways to handle this. I just knew my thrifty husband was not going to have a problem with this paint color, because it would mean that we would have wasted our precious $$ on 2 whole gallons.

Underhandedly, I had it all worked out; I was going to figure out which paint to use by putting samples on the wall early in the a.m. as soon as he left for work, figure out which was the ONE as they dried, then by 2 pm run to the store and cover the whole wall with it and say that's that. Too late for any discussions.

But I didn't have to be sneaky. He broached the topic after night fell and the wall looked SO DARK. He mentioned how dark it was. I was so right on it; I had been praying for the moment. "Oh, I agree! We really need to lighten it up, don't we?" Whew! That was easy!

So I am looking for something a lot lighter and a lot more yellow. Kinda like the background to this blog, I think. There is a Laura Ashley Olive I am considering that recently came to my attention, and Kim at One Woman's Cottage Life has been considering Hearts of Palm by Sherwin Williams, which I also really like. So I will get some SAMPLES instead of a huge gallon, and go from there. Will share!

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Alice said...

The main living area of our cottage is painted in Benjamin Moore's Fernwood Green. It is neither too light, nor too dark and makes everything look fresh as a spring morning and calm as a hidden wood. It might be just the shade for you!