Friday, June 13, 2008

Color in the garden

I love summer. I love the weather (although here in the Pacific Northwest, our weather has been more March-like lately, cold and wet and blah). I love the gardening. I love that my husband, who is a teacher, is home all summer. I love that volleyball, baseball, cub scouts, and schooling are all taking a break for a while. We can kick back and just enjoy each day, and each other, without running around at breakneck speed.

In the spirit of summer (and in the hopes that it eventually arrives to the Seattle area), here is a garden tour by color. Today, our color is red, one of my favorites, and especially striking against the everpresent gray of the sky (okay, I guess I've made my point about my disgust with the weather, right?)

Here is the red of our maple:

Here is the red of our front door:

Now, a lovely gerbera daisy that was a present from my sweetie-pie 5-year-old on Mother's Day:

Here are some little red glass marbles in our mosaic house numbers; whenver we come home, they greet me cheerfully:

That is our red garden tour for the day - tomorrow we will have my other favorite color, blue.

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